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The Perfect Ashlars

This historical landmark property was once the Masonic Lodge in Healesville and so has a wealth of history. The unusual name of this apartment comes from a Masonic term describing how a rough stone is shaped into a perfect shape by a master craftsman.

You access your contemporary private apartment through the original double front doors with the Perfect Ashlars apartment a few steps along the shared entrance hallway. As you open your private apartment door, you will see your apartment has been graciously transformed to ensure your complete comfort. 
Originally part of the Masonic temple area is now an airy, cosy and luxurious self-contained apartment designed for 2 adults only (no infants, toddlers or children under 18) 
Your apartment has its own kitchenette,  a King size bed, large robe, table setting, smart TV, and sumptuous private ensuite.
The apartment is self-contained with ample space for a couple to enjoy.